Day #46: 3 Actionable Quick Tips To Your Best Post Game Interview

Capturing post game reactions of athletes is part of the game, but often they are annoying and unusable. Follow 3 tips and change that forever.

Day #46: 3 Actionable Quick Tips To Your Best Post Game Interview

Want to get the best post game reactions?

Let’s skip the fluff and go straight to the actionable quick tips that you can implement immediately.

Quick Tip 1: Search deep for good questions

It's hard to get good answers in sports by asking bad questions. Keep also in mind that the timing of post game interviews is not the best for the athletes. Immediately after a game it is hard to keep a clear mind and fully focus on the interview.

Keep your questions simple. But set them into a context.

(e.g. The question 'Why have you lost this game?' will lead more than likely to the answer 'Because they have scored one more goal.' Not what we like, right?)

Quick Tip 2: Look for the best possible set-up

As media production has changed, a lot of these post game reactions don't have a TV set up anymore. You win if you deliver quotes or media content as quick as possible.

In every case look for a quite place. And make sure that there are no expected background noise (like screaming people, slamming doors or working motor engines).

👉 Check out this short comparison I've prepared for you today: Both interviews have been made from the same person, both interviews have been made with the same equipment. Only the location has changed.

Quick Tip 3: Think about more then one output

You can plan e.g. to capture the post game reaction to include it into a video highlight clip. But if you don't have great quotes (because of bad questions; see tip #1) or if you have a poor quality (because of a bad set-up; see tip #2) that simply can not happen. But don't put the record in the garbage bag - start to be creative.

Go further and think of other output scenarios.

(e.g. if sound quality is bad, that interview is still good for print journalists. Or if quotes are not as meaningful as you wanted them, it contains maybe something funny that works great on Social Media)

There you go!

⚡️ 3 quick tips to help you on the way to high-quality post game reactions with a huge output.

I have tried all 3 myself, and they all work amazingly well.

🚀 Now, go forth and implement!

Have a good one,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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