Corruption Threatens Sports More Than The Pandemic

It's not (only) the COVID-19 pandemic that will hurt the world of sports long term. There are greater dangers lurking.

Corruption Threatens Sports More Than The Pandemic

Did you know?

Fraud and manipulation damage sport and its role model function in society and the public. It's not (only) the COVID-19 pandemic that will hurt our sport. Actually I think that the pandemic will also help us to sharpen sports in various ways.

This is shocking, right?

A couple months before the pandemic popped up some good friends got together to form a body to fight corruption in sports at all levels. The swiss based company is called Sports XRay and describes itself as “a network for fair sports with integrity.”

🏆 Goal is to protect the traditional values of sport, like fairness and integrity. May the best team win!

Today, I share their first public data collection with you.

The first Sport XRay data collection, which presents cases of various game and sports manipulations, will help raise awareness of this issue and, as a further step, increase the resilience of individuals and teams against cheating and manipulation.

Check it out at:

🔴 The whole world is red! 😨 Finding that the amount of cases is really impressive.

Alright, I’ll keep this email short and let you browse through the various cases If you are as interested as I am!

Take care,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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