December admin update

Here’s a look at what’s coming soon and what’s recently launched in Pressroom solution by cd mediateam Est.

Brainstorming over paper
Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash


What we are currently working on:

Last month we spent a lot of time at our desks to rethink the Pressroom logic which is running behind the scenes. Thinking about the growing future, plans and concepts of a new core logic were born. Programming for this next step starts now. You will profit from an improved system even if you don't see any change on the frontend. Making a needless integration in more individual integrations possible is driving us.


What brings you #BeyondVictories:

Add a Pressroom Direct Link to every communication with the press. If you respond to every request/question from your journalists with a direct link you add value and not only fulfill their needs. Pressroom solution helps you to do more. (Our advice: always respond with useful content)

👀 Success Analytics

Keep an eye on your Success Analytics which you find in your backend. Login to your backend and go to "Admin -> Sucess Analytics". The key is to eliminate days without new content. The second half of the truth is that your content is consumed on a daily basis. (Our advice: "fill" the circles you see in your Pressroom's success analytics)

Feel free to bring in new ideas based on your demands in the changing media business as well as set the importance of upcoming features.

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