Day #185: Digital is the New Standard (Live is Premium)

Fully attended sports stadiums feel like a balm for the soul. That's what I think by watching the games of the UEFA Euro 2020. We found a way to bring the fans back, but our digital responsibility will last too.

Day #185: Digital is the New Standard (Live is Premium)

I attended a congress of Austrian and international leaders in sports business, held last week in Vienna. The event started with the following introduction. "Digital will be the standard for the future. Live sports will be luxury or at least premium." A saying the pops up recently in our environment.

The power of digital tools and the need to keep fans alive has shown what sports organizations are capable of during the crisis. A huge achievement has been done during the 1,5-year-long "accelerator" called COVID-19.

"Business development for sports organizations by distributing media content", is the credo we follow at cd mediateam Establishment.

During the last decade, the need for content has changed. As sports organizations we have to create content for A) our own and direct channels, B) the classic media world (for right-holders as well as for no-right-holders), and C) business partners and sponsors.

Build a solid rock

Without planning you easily fail. Personal resources, daily workloads, internal & external communications, can not more be compared with earlier years.

Every sports organization has a different approach to handle and prioritize its content distribution. Without having a strategy in place, that can be dangerous doing. Focusing completely on your business partners (because they pay) and your own channels (because you have full control) could bring you down. Classic media is still alive and counts for you. If you don't bring them in, they will take over.

I'm closing this weeks' newsletter by telling you what three tools we fell in love with regarding these challenges.

1. We use SLACK for internal communication (e.g. approvement process).

2. We use the PRESSROOM SOLUTION as a content hub for all media.

3. We use POSTPICKR to plan and fulfill our own social media channels.

There are a lot of alternatives on the market. That's why I'm interested in your experiences. Feel free to reply, and tell me your favorite tools, that are helping your sports organization to go #BeyondVictories.

Signing off for today,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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