November admin update

Here’s a look at what’s coming soon and what’s recently launched in Pressroom solution by cd mediateam Est.


What we are currently working on:

  • The Pressroom Alert App is ready in beta soon. It guarantees any journalist to never ever miss a piece of important content again. Push notifications and a subscription system keep the users in touch with your content.
  • In order to accelerate your content distribution during rush hour, we are currently working on an overall optimization of the review and post-production process for Motion Catcher interviews. Fasten your seatbelts! 😉


What's new or currently rolling out:

  • Auto-tagging for your Photo Content reduces work effort. As Pressroom admin, you can lay back now if your photographers fill in their photos' EXIF/XMP file description. All photos uploaded with the "Bulk Image Upload" module are tagged with the brand new Auto-tagging feature. You can configure it at "Admin -> Room Configuration".

    Use case: Easier than ever you can provide a collection of editorial images of your protagonists.
  • Say welcome to your journalists with your own words. With the "Room Configuration" feature, you can customize the home screen of your Pressroom now. You can share detailed contact information, announce upcoming media events, or place links to generic documents like media guides, etc.
  • To keep our customers informed we've launched a Public Status Page for all our services. Check it out 👉


Our burning questions to develop regarding your needs.

Feel free to bring in new ideas based on your demands in the changing media business as well as set the importance of upcoming features.

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