Day #52: Simple Hacks To Handle Interview Requests

Handling interview request is a good sign as usually your team is doing well whenever you are receiving a lot of them. But if you don't handle them right, it's extremely time consuming. Check out my best hacks to get them done.

Day #52: Simple Hacks To Handle Interview Requests

Hey, it's Christian here again. :)

I know that everyone LOVES a good life hack, right? Today, I'm going to be sharing two of my hacks to help you handle interview requests in shorter time!

They will make your daily workload in sports communication so much easier. 馃槂

From my heart to yours, here they are!

LIFE HACK #1 ...respond with content

Responding every interview request immediately after receiving it demonstrates professionalism. Often you don't have the time to think or organize the interview right away, due to numerous other tasks schedules for that moment. That's when this first hack helps.馃挕

You have to be prepared in two ways: A) talk with you protagonists to get an idea at what time-slots are best for them to give interviews (e.g. Tuesday, Wednesday right after a regular practice around 1 o'clock) and B) prepare a content catalogue (including hand-selected pictures and maybe a Q&A or some bullet points with personal information) for each and every protagonist in advance.

And then your answer is easy and fast: "Tks for the request." ... "While we are checking back with XYZ his schedule (often he is available around lunch time during the week) you can find some content elements that are free for editorial use with the following link -> LINK"

With this life hack you are 鉁达笍 QUICK, 鉁达笍 PROFESSIONAL and will 鉁达笍 STAND OUT FROM OTHERS.

This is how we generate the link to the hand-selected content catalogue within seconds with the Pressrom solution.

LIFE HACK #2 ...offer more to get more

Handling interviews are extremely time consuming, but with this little life hack you get more than just a story out of every interview. Offer more content!馃挕

After finding a time-slot for the interview the confirmation email could look something like this: "I hope you found the content I've sent you earlier useful. In the meantime we have set-up time and location of the interview for you. One more thing we offer is that we will send our social media guy XYZ to the location to take some behind-the-scene shots. You can use these to tease the story online."

With this life hack you 鉁达笍 DEMONSTRATE POWER on site, 鉁达笍 GET THE MEDIUM TO PROMOTE THE STORY MORE and 鉁达笍 GET CONTENT TO SHARE e.g. with the location to get even more reach.

Maybe now you have some question in your mind. Do feel free to hit REPLY and ask. I'll send you my templates of these two really important emails.

Alright, these #lifehacks will speeeeeeeed up your life and bring you #BeyondVictories.

See you in my next email!

Have a good one,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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