Day #66: Something beautiful is born

With the glamorous NHL event at Lake Tahoe something beautiful has born for a bright future in sports. The way selected sport events will be carried around the world will change by adding nature and intimate.

Day #66: Something beautiful is born

We know the feeling walking downtown in our worlds metropole cities and looking into shop windows of luxury products like exklusive watches and more. Or presentations of new cars or yachts are made with glamour. That does attract us, right? And now it's time to bring that feeling into the world of sports.

The NHL organization did kind of a kick-off with its games at Lake Tahoe. The scenery is breathtaking. I'm still getting goosebumps looking at these pictures.

Like Ryan Kennedy wrote for "The Hockey News" of Sports Illustrated, we could see some very interesting - and intimate - outdoor games in the future. You can find his thoughts here.

In this case the global pandemic situation helped to develop something that will last. Trough the facts, that sport is global now with fans all around the world and that TV coverage has changed so much e.g. with the streaming technology, we are ready to get intimate. With one goal: to promote the sport.

What worked in the past?

🌟 Special locations like e.g. ice hockey in the city of Davos, Switzerland have its charm to attract a wide fan-range and media coverage.

🌟 Huge crowds on special events like the traditional NHL Winter Classics attract fans and media coverage.

What will work in the future?

🌟 Additional to the above mentioned formats we will see "Boutique-Events" in sports with the following attributes:

▪️ no or very limited fans on site
▪️ very special locations
▪️ huge and worldwide media coverage

Are you ready? Will we soon see a boxing event on top of the impressive Swiss mountains? Or a Serie A soccer game with a similar scenery like shown in the photo on top of this article? Do feel free to hit REPLY and share your thoughts with me.

Let's think #BeyondVictories,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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