Day #115: Something is brewing

Getting paid a bonus because of a good Google ranking could be the future for professional sport athletes. PGA Tour ventured into this field on a very new level.

Day #115: Something is brewing

Getting the big names to your roster/league/event in order to take profit from their huge publicity is nothing new. But what the PGA Tour did earlier this week with the announcement of its 'Player Impact Program', is lifting this mindset to a brand new level. Simply said: The evolution is going on.

If you've missed the news, watch the following report from Sky Sports. With less than four minutes you will be informed.

New data is entering the game

I won't judge if the plans of the PGA Tour are good or bad for the sports. But for sure we will see similar things in the future. The organization will not only measure athletes according the 'Nielson Brand Exposure Rating' or the Q Rating (measures familiarity & appeal of players' brand). Soon the following criteria, which has been brought into the game by  the approach of the PGA Tour, could be crucial for a lot of athletes:

📐 Popularity in Google search

📐 Value of engagement player drives across digital & social media platforms

📐 Frequency with which player generates coverage across media platforms

This makes me think. 🤔 How will that data take influence on the professional work of athletes and organizations in the future?

Obviously the ideas are coming from the world of individual sports, but also in team sports the athletes have to move forward to stay in the game. From our closer surroundings I know that the iClinic Bratislava Capitals (bet-at-home ICE Hockey League) are engaging their players to be active on Instagram.

In the future also the best athlete of its sport will and should win. But regardless of the sporting performance of an athlete new measuring methods are at live and we have to deal with them in communications.

New possibilities are around the corner if we go #BeyondVictories,

Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.

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