Day #42: Tackling the big issues

Let's discuss three key trends in our sports environment. The folks from Twitter team up with industry leaders to share insights with its Twitter Official Partner Program.

Day #42: Tackling the
big issues
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The online media monitoring company Meltwater analysed content on Twitter and brings up the following huge trends in sports.

Welcome Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

This trend reached a bigger audience when Formula 1 announced its official partnership with last summer. While only a very small number of athletes are converting their salary payments, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are making unmissable steps in the industry. Often college athletes are exploring additional revenue by selling NFTs of digital content like video clips or trading cards.

For me personally this trend is farer away than it is in real. Everyday people are talking about it. Did you feel the same? Sooner or later this year we have definitely have to catch up with it.

The definition of “live” sports is changing.

Remembering Facebooks' transformation to Meta and its presentation of its metaverse-idea kicks off the next global trend on a prominent level. The shift in the industry could smoothly start with those who are currently interested in esports because of their comfort with gaming technology.

In our Pressroom solution we use AI technology to keep media content creation easy and effective. And AI and VR is already changing the way we consume sports in and outside the arenas. And there is much more to come on this field.

Making sports more inclusive.

According to Twitters' Birdseye Report, sports organizations should be continuing focus on equality and inclusion in order to build the next generation of viewers. Those teams and athletes who champion important causes that are important to viewers will be supported more.

Sports has always been very important for society. Its voice has kind of super power. Make – or in the best case keep – your organization open to most diversity in order to reach your future customers.

It's time to think now.


Nobody will get around these three issues in 2022. If you want to discuss more in detail you can reach out to me at anytime or/and download Twitters' Birdseye Report on Sports with the following link:

Birdseye Report - 2022 industry insights and emerging trends, presented by Twitter Official Partners.


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