The Missing Link

How do journalists stay tuned with the content you are offering? The latest Pressroom featured can work as your missing link.

The Missing Link

Let's welcome and celebrate the latest addition to the Pressroom solution – the Pressroom Alerts App. ✨ 🎉 🙌

If you have already set up the connection with your Pressroom account we would really appreciate your feedback. In public use the hashtag #BeyondVictories or DM us on Twitter or LinkedIn. 🙏

But let us dive into today's topic right now. This article is about how your information reaches out to journalists.

Using carrier pigeons for sure is not the best approach. That's why we highlight four (much better working) alternatives to help journalists stay tuned with your content.

Email Press Releases

Emailing with journalists is a common way that everybody in our field knows best. We know press releases whenever sports organizations have something to share. We know weekly media advisory mails. And we know individual emails pitching an exclusive story.

Provided By: Your Email client, Mailchimp, PResstige, etc.

Best Benefit: Journalists are used to this way of work.

Messenger Groups

Especially during ongoing events, messenger groups have become attractive for media executives. You can share enriched content like GPS-based locations or audio recordings very fast to a defined group of (main) journalists.

Provided By: WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Best Benefit: A fast way to share information and content with a core group.

Social Media Feeds

With the growing media world, you never know who is interested in your stories. There is a growing number of blog writers out there and your address list could only hold targeted journalists that you know already. A public and press-oriented news feed give your information a huge stage.

Provided By: Twitter, etc.

Best Benefit: A new approach to reach most publicity.

Pressroom Alerts App

Clients of Pressroom solution give journalists a one-stop-shop for content elements in order to have great media coverage. The Pressroom Alerts App secures that every relevant content hits the dedicated journalists.

Provided By: Pressroom solution

Best Benefit: Streamlines the workflow for journalists.

You don't have to pick (only) one of these toolkits. As we've learned all of them have a different approach and they can fit perfectly together.

The new feature closes a gap in the workflow for journalists using your content.

One question that appears always when we pitch our Pressroom solution to new clients is: Is this tool capable of sending emails with all new content to the registered users? And our answer is: No! Not because it's technically a big deal, but because we see more than the one traditional Email channel to get information delivered.

By adding the Pressroom Alerts App as a powerful feature we are closing a gap. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android and can be connected to every Pressroom account to get push notifications for all relevant content elements. But you still need more. The Pressroom Alerts App is not replacing toolkits like Email Press Releases, Messenger Groups or Social Media Feeds.

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