Two "media types" of athletes

Sports journalist Luke Fisher spoke to cd mediateam ahead of the finals in win2day ICE Hockey League. The UK-born freelancer compares our sports world to the music industry and explained his connection to CHL first-timer and ICE finalist Hydro Fehervar AV19.

Two "media types" of athletes
Photo: Soós Attila (Hydro Fehérvár AV19)

More than 50 ice hockey arenas across Europe have offered Luke Fisher a desk to work over the past ten years. "I worked for the Champions Hockey League in web and social media for a few years and now a lot for the Elite Ice Hockey League in Great Britain," explains the ice hockey enthusiastic social media expert who also covers the National Hockey League.

🗣 ️Which arena offers the best working environment?

I've had the privilege of working at the World Championships for three or four years. 2015 in the huge O2 Arena in Prague was perfect. But also the teams in Sweden are very well prepared for working with journalists. Here in Austria I would say that Vienna is a cool place to work for journalists.

Luke can also call the win2day ICE Hockey League, where all teams use the Pressroom solution, his home. From west (Dornbirn) to east (Fehervar), from north (Znojmo) to south (Bozen) – Luke opened his laptop in all arenas.

The 33yo Briton lived in Hungary for a few years, which also connected him with Hydro Fehervar AV19. Luke is currently based in the Czech Republic but continues to provide content to the Hungarian ice hockey team.


Ice Hockey Players vs. Music Artists 🎤🎙

Sport isn't the only world for Luke Fisher, who also worked for the Eurovision Song Contest from 2013 to 2016. A completely different field, as many of you are now thinking. But doing interviews is part of his job in both worlds.

🗣️ How do athletes differ from music artists?

The biggest difference is that artists really like to talk. They always have a story to tell or explain the meaning of a song to you. In ice hockey, or in sports in general, there are two types of players. Those who like to talk and those who don't. Interviews can sometimes be very short, but I learned how to do sports interviews. I think that's the biggest difference.

Luke's passion is sports in general and ice hockey or tennis in detail. Why? If you're looking at your laptop during a hockey game, you could miss an important scene every second. Luke likes this action and that gives him the "adrenaline" as a sports journalist.

Our friend Luke Fisher is:
Freelance Social Media Manager, PR & Comms Manager, and Content Creator in the sports and entertainment industries.

You can follow Luke Fisher on LinkedIn or Twitter and stay tuned with Hydro Fehervar AV19 on Facebook.

Photo: Blende47 (cd mediateam)

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