When Friends Become Worthless: Unmasking the Social Media Power Shift

Embrace direct communication channels to regain control and amplify your message effectively.

When Friends Become Worthless: Unmasking the Social Media Power Shift
Photo by Johnson Wang / Unsplash

The rise of Social Media has highlighted a significant transformation in online communication. The future's most effective channels will likely be apps or email newsletters, offering direct access to your audience's fingertips. The era of relying on social media intermediaries and their algorithms for promotion and free advertising is fading. These platforms have become too dominant, wielding immense power. Even follower counts, once crucial, are losing their significance in the wake of the TikTok revolution. Linking to other platforms is (or will be soon) forbidden, and for a profile verification you have to pay.

Social media platforms have traditionally relied on user-generated content. However, the tables have turned. These platforms now hold an overwhelming amount of power and can reshape the landscape. What was once easy and cost-free to publish promotional content has evolved into a landscape where these networks (soon will) demand substantial sums of money. Our excessive focus on social media and follower counts inadvertently empowered these platforms, enabling them to monetize their services and demand significant fees for visibility.

To move forward, it's crucial to acknowledge the negative consequences of our past obsession with social media and follower counts. By redirecting our resources and attention away from these platforms, we can regain control and seek alternative channels that prioritize quality over quantity.

It's time to redefine the role of social media and take control of our digital destinies.

Apps and email newsletters offer a refreshing departure from the social media frenzy. They allow for a more intimate, targeted, and direct approach. Shifting our focus from follower counts to straight forward connections allows us to regain control over our content and reduce dependence on social media giants. Recognize that your worth extends beyond follower counts and embrace alternative channels that provide autonomy.


Please note that these thoughts reflect my personal perspective and are intended to provoke critical thinking. They are not meant to discredit or dismiss the importance of social media, which will undoubtedly continue to play a significant role in our work in communications, both now and in the future. Rather, it is essential to recognize the evolving landscape and consider alternative approaches that empower us to navigate the complexities of social media while prioritizing genuine connections and engagement.

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